Tobriana Hotel, Why It Is The Most Unique Hotel In Nairobi

Tobriana Hotel, Why It Is The Most Unique Hotel In Nairobi

One of the newest hotels in Nairobi`s leafy suburbs is Tobriana Hotel. Tucked in Ridgeways (Kiambu) off Jacaranda Close.

Its location makes it ideal for anyone looking for serenity and tranquility yet just 8 Kms from the Nairobi CBD.As if that is not enough, you will get personalized services from the staff since they are not just any other employees but a family that is devoted to being at your service. Tobriana Hotel is a family-friendly hotel with one of the most alluring baby pools. Adjacent to the main spellbinding turquoise blue Pool.

The entrancing and photogenic lush green compound embellished by coastal palm trees makes the Hotel undoubtedly stand out.As you sip your fresh juice by the enchanting pool you will not miss hearing the melodious African Pied wagtail softly and soothingly chirping across the neighboring farms.

With that said, let us delve in and see what Hotel Tobriana has in store for you.

Accommodation At Tobriana Hotel
There’s nothing I find more appealing and prepossessing like a hotel room beautifully themed with African décor.
Hotel Tobriana Jacaranda Close. This is one of the things that got my attention and flummoxed me since I did not see that coming. It is rare to get such designs in the city and especially in Nairobi.

They have about 51 rooms which are divided into two categories. The standard rooms are cheaper than the executive but winsome for the amount they charge. The other category is the Executive rooms which are more spacious with an exquisite Balcony festooned with two African-themed chairs and a coffee table. Twin bedrooms are also available with the same specifications as the executive rooms. They can accommodate two pax or more on request. Ideal for family or friends who want to share the same room but different beds.

All the rooms have the following....

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